Make me mommy

Your Stories: Make Me a Mommy

I’d like to thank @makememommy for sharing her story in this guest post.  For reasons I totally understand, she would like to remain anonymous for now, but would love to hear from you if you want to chat or ask questions.  Click here to connect with @makememommy on Twitter. The start My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years and have been trying for a baby pretty … More]

Trust the Doctors?

Trust the Doctors?

Trust When we first started experiencing fertility problems I trusted the Doctors. Their advice seemed reasonable and I assumed that they must know what they were talking about. My first problem really was to do with my cycles and AFs. They were never quite "right". I'd start spotting up to 9 days before AF and was convinced that it wasn't normal. After numerous tests that … More]

A True Friend of an Infertile

A True Friend of an Infertile

I was perusing my old blog posts recently and realised I write an awful lot about people who say the wrong things to infertiles.  But what about the people who say the right things?  The friends who shine through despite my complaining, moaning, ranting, blubbing and snotting over them for the umpteeth time. The good, the bad and the infertile In the last couple of years I … More]

Will that be me?

Will That Be Me?

Stories of hope Whenever we have told friends and family about our miscarriages (take your pick as to which one) they always barrage us with stories of hope. The story of their neighbour who had 9 miscarriages and then had two children, or their cousin who had 10 miscarriages then had fifteen children one after the other. Okay, so the last one was exaggerated, but I'm sure you've … More]

Fourth Angel Baby

A BFP and a Fourth Angel Baby

The title of this post says it all really.  If you're a regular reader of my blog I'm sure you've been wondering where my usual BFN rant was this month.  Well, there was no BFN rant because it was a BFP!  So what happened?  Let me fill you in... BFP After the usual stress of the two week wait, I was starting to suspect I might be pregnant.  The main sign was no pre-AF spotting … More]

Infertility Song

Infertility Songs

Recently when I hear a new song I've found myself listening really carefully to the words.  I'm always trying to relate them to our infertility struggles and sometimes I come across a song which really fits.  For example, I heard Kacey Musgrave - Silver Linings on the radio last week and really liked the chorus "If you're ever gonna find a silver lining, it's gotta be a cloudy … More]

No Surprises please!

No Surprises Please!

Skip back a few years... I used to love trying new things, challenging myself and going to new places. I was all about change and the unexpected. Surprises were good - the unexpected was (usually) exciting! If I wasn't pushing myself, striving towards some goal or other, solving unexpected problems along the way then I wasn't living to my potential. I'd cope with anything the … More]

Smiling on the Outside

Get on with Your Life & it Will Happen

You already know that I don't believe you can try to hard when ttc (even though I have been told it on sooo many occasions).  But as time has gone on, that advice seems to have died out and it has been replaced with this: "You should get on with your life and forget about ttc.  I bet it will just happen then." I have actually got to the point where if one more person says it … More]

Another BFN. Hopeless.

Baby Hopeless or Baby Hopeful?

Another BFN So, two days ago we did a HPT and got another BFN.  While we were waiting the 3 minutes for the test to show anything my heart was racing and I felt that familiar feeling of panic welling up in me.  I wish I could say it was excitement and hope, but it wasn't.  It was pure worry that we'd fail AGAIN; pure anticipation of the despair that was about to come. In my … More]

Rose Quartz

Heal me… Please?

For a while I had been looking for a piece of jewellery to wear which would be symbolic of our ttc struggles. Something that would bring hope or even just remind me of it in times of need.  I had seen I few people on Twitter doing it, and I liked the idea.  Desperate times called for desperate measures.  I even toyed with the idea that as long as I had it on and wore it everyday, we … More]

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