I'll Never Forget You

Never Forgotten!

This month our first baby would have been three years old had we not miscarried.  Now that we have our little miracle, I almost thought that the past would be in the past - that we could (and would) move on.  But I now know for sure that whilst, yes, the past is in the past (and we definitely look towards a different positive future now), the angel babies we lost will never be … More]

In Due Time by Jen Noonan

In Due Time by Jen Noonan

"In Due Time" is a brand new book by Jen Noonan.  It's so new in fact, that it hasn't even been released yet, and is due to be released in September 2015. Baby Hopeful has been lucky enough to have a sneak preview. “I felt like a failure, both to myself and to my husband… distraught that when I wanted my body to do what so many women could do naturally, even by accident, I was … More]

What's Next?

What’s next for Baby Hopeful?

I've been writing this blog for almost two and a half years!  Wow!  Who'd have thought it?  I started it as a means to vent some of my emotions whilst dealing with infertility, yet, who'd have thought that last month I peaked at 15000 hits on my site!  Not bad for non-writer, writing a personal blog I reckon! What's next? But now what? I enjoy blogging and have said all along … More]

Learn to let go

Learn to let go

I would like to thank an anonymous writer for this guest post.   Learn to let go How many times have you heard that you should "learn to let go"?  Too many in fact.  You get angry and think – I don't want to give up my dreams of holding my baby! How can that possibly be good for me!?  Other times you might have been exhausted by fighting what is, and think that maybe it would … More]

Our Miracle

Our Miracle Has Arrived

Apologies for not writing any posts for a while.  Although, why I'm apologising I don't know...  I have some very good excuses I think! Final weeks of pregnancy My first excuse is that the last few weeks in my pregnancy were solely focused on dragging my hugely pregnant body around (and loving every minute, may I add).  Also, I was concentrating on hypno-birthing in an attempt … More]

Breathing Faith

Breathing Faith: A Journey through Infertility and a High-Risk Pregnancy by Lori Stott

I was recently contacted by Lori Stott, author of Breathing Faith: A Journey through Infertility and a High-Risk Pregnancy about her book, which was published on Kindle in June 2014.  I admit I have not read it yet, but with 5 star reviews on Amazon, it will be definitely one I will check out very soon. Who is Lori Stott? Originally from the Bronx, Lori Stott has lived in the … More]

Being with Sadness

Recurrent Miscarriage & Being With Sadness by Sheila Bayliss

Being With Sadness Sadness is as much a part of life as happiness.  We may wish that wasn’t true, and it can be easy to believe that loss is what happens to other people. Until it happens to you. And then you're flung into a new world that you have no training for, feeling totally lost and without a roadmap.  Having suffered multiple pregnancy losses, I spent about 7 years … More]

Blog Sharing is Caring

Blog Sharing Is Caring: Bubbles and Bumps

This Blog Sharing is Caring post features a fairly new blog, which started in August 2014. Bubbles and Bumps is an LA lifestyle blog with a focus on fertility & pregnancy, written by Camella and Simone; two friends going through IVF at the same time.  It aims to inform, entertain and offer support through their own experiences and in turn help the millions of other couples … More]

Update: Third Trimester

Protected: Update: Third Trimester!!

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … More]

Telling the truth or saving face

Telling the Truth or Saving Face

I have written a post similar to this before, but this subject is still something that still baffles and confuses me regularly.  If you are wondering what I'm going on about, then I will explain.  Infertility and fertility is a very taboo subject, and from what I can gather, always has been. But something you can never be sure of is how truthful people are actually being about their … More]

Just Running Late

Just Running Late by Michael Taylorson

I stumbled across this and had to share it immediately!  It is a charity single for the UK Infertility Network and what a great idea it is too to make a song to raise money.  Be prepared to get your tissues out though as it really tugs at the heart-strings for us infertiles.  It made me cry anyway, as I could totally relate to the couple in the song.  It made me really think about … More]

Where have all the storks gone?

Where Have All the Storks Gone? A His and Hers Guide to Infertility by Chris and Michelle Miller

  Where Have All the Storks Gone? A His and Hers Guide to Infertility by Chris and Michelle Miller was published in September 2014, so it's hot off the press (almost). So what’s the book about?  Let’s check out the blurb… Where Have All the Storks Gone? offers a funny, yet touching view of infertility through the voice of a couple who has gone through it all. Moments of … More]

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