The Baby-Making Bible by Emma Cannon

Or to use the books full title:

The Baby-Making Bible: Simple steps to enhance your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant

This book is another excellent read, but be prepared for some “alternative” ideas.  If you’re not into Chinese Medicine then this book might not be for you.  However, I found it an interesting combination of East meets West.  It caught my eye after reading many reviews on Amazon in which people fell pregnant after following Emma’s methods.

Let’s check out the blurb…

baby making bibleWritten by one of the country’s leading complementary fertility specialists, The Baby-Making Bible draws together Emma Cannon’s years of experience and success in treating couples hoping to get pregnant. Her special plan blends the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with the highest standards in Western medical practice. Whether you are trying for a natural conception or undergoing treatment for assisted conception, she offers a practical plan you can follow to create a fertile environment and encourage healthy baby-making. Emma approaches fertility in its widest context by taking you through her essential couples’ health and lifestyle check, and makes suggestions to help you achieve optimum dietary, environmental and emotional health. She also offers specific advice for anyone who has been diagnosed with unexplained infertility or who is embarking on fertility treatment.

Emma has a clinic in London, so it’s nice to know that the book has been written by someone who is still active in treating people (and not by someone sat in a room writing about it).  Here is her website: Emma Cannon: Fertility to Family

Have you read this book?  What did you think?  Did it help you to become successful?


  1. I love this book, got me through lots of hard times. I followed the diet advice in the section dedicated to IVF. All the diet advice is invaluable if TTC naturally or with assistance.

  2. I’ve been following this book for 6 months and although no BFP yet it has really helped me to be more positive and healthy. Never been into chinese medicine so was all rather new to me but ‘went with it’ and was good to feel like I was doing something positive, even if I’m not sure I buy into it all! Will keep going with it for my forthcoming IVF.

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